Name dropping…

Being a journalist is about who you know, right? 

 June 2017

My work featured in BoilerPlate fashion magazine and was showcased in London. The two pieces chosen were The Dreaded ‘F’ Word and Consent is not GrayScale.

April/May 2017

Currently doing a fantastic placement at the head quarters of one of the biggest broadcasting production houses in the UK! With a role
as a Researcher I’ve been  spending my time helping producers to cast for popular Channel 4 Series: A New Life In The Sun and have left the company with two glowing references (if I do say so myself) and the promise of paid work in the near future when budgets allow!

March 2017

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I worked in association with Safe Gigs for Women to write a piece that has been featured on their website (it’s also on my own)! This opportunity also meant I was able to interview indie musician Frank Turner.