About Myself

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site, read my articles and then still be interested enough to click this extra little page!

I’m currently a second year undergraduate studying journalism at Leeds Trinity University with the end goal of creating documentaries – whether that be filming, researching or editing.

However, I do also have a keen interest in writing feature pieces and, as part of my course, have to (of course) write essays and news stories.

I’m currently a free lance journalist for the Yorkshire Voice, an online publication company publishing stories sourced from West Yorkshire or angled on how news has been received or effects those local.

I have just had two work placements with True North (as a researcher and caster for popular Channel 4 Series A New Life in the Sun) and St. George’s Crypt (as part of a long term PR project).

Information on my site has either been sourced online, or (when interviews have been included) sourced by myself.

All images used on my site were free to use or the owners permission for reuse was granted.


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