I feel a change coming…

Hello readers,

This already feels like a post in my diary, but, thankfully that’s something none of you will ever get to peek into. Probably for the best, definitely for the best.

Over the last six months this site has been less consistent than a public transport’s WiFi service, which coincidently is what I’m using to share this with you all.

Recently I graduated, got my first real-life adult job as a Broadcast Journalist for That’s TV *shameless plug here*. After two months of running around chasing stories in York and settling into my adult life I found myself at an awards evening, celebrating the shortlisting of my own documentary. *Another unapologetic link*

However, this night was exceptionally exciting because a BBC contact, and all around amazing career woman, introduced me to a new position that had opened as a Junior Researcher for Air TV.  Perfect right? Actually, so far, yes.

Just two weeks later and I was driving their company pool car, meeting patients who had been cared for by Leeds talented HART paramedics and the Air Ambulance Service while working with a team of super talented professionals. So, to say this has been a whirlwind wouldn’t be too over dramatic.

Throughout these six months I’ve also been discussing treatments for my M.E with the team at St James’ Hospital, Leeds General Infirmary and neurological and immunologist specialists. Appointments have ranged from weekly, fortnightly and (at times) every three days.

Once I’m ready and comfortable with the procedures currently happening I’ll be more than willing to share with you all, just maybe give me a chance to understand the complexities first and I’ll get back to you very soon.

Personally, I feel  it’s important to share my medical journey online, this is the only way the Millions Missing campaign will move forward, NHS funding will be increased and people like myself can be understood and recognised, instead of questioned. I’ve also met so many wonderful people this way, hello spoonies!

I’m not normally one for these slightly pointless personal posts without aim or purpose, but, it seemed fitting.

Most importantly, to those reading this who follow the site and have been requesting more content (can’t believe I have readers who enjoy the content that much so THANK YOU!) you will slowly see a steady steam of articles loaded. I don’t know which direction the blog is going in, but I am excited to find out with you all, my readers.

As always, thank you for reading and keep your eyes and inboxes open – that’s where the content drops after all!

Talk very very soon x 



4 thoughts on “I feel a change coming…

  1. I’m so so proud of you baby! And I love reading all your articles, keep up the good work you’re absolutely smashing it xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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