Chats with Charlie


Do you remember those #ChatsWithCharlie pieces that got hits all over the world? Ofcourse you do!

You were all nosey enough to tune in every week and read other people anonymous issues while I played agony aunt. Not that I blame you, whenever I see a YOU magazine lying around I skip to the end for their agony aunt section. So does my dad.

Well, this section of the blog will be returning, with a twist. A twist I would like you all to decide. What do you want to read every fortnightly Sunday? Vote to see the content you want.

Due to the success of previous personal posts covering topics such as the loss of my dog, my disease, heart break and anxiety (what a happy life, ey!) I’ve decided that inserting a personal post on a fortnightly basis may be in the best interests of the blog. It also offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with you guys!

However, I’d like to leave the decision of what type of personal content to you, my readers. Would you like to read my personal posts or peak into other peoples lives with the return of my agony aunt section? Get voting!


Of course, normal content is set to resume now that I have graduated (eeeeek!), my health is improving and I can focus on the website while applying for jobs – any employers please find my contact details here. Wishful thinking or worth a shot? We’ll see.

The voting is open for one week with next Sunday the starting point for the segment YOU pick!

See you there.




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