World Cup 2018: where’s it coming again? An idiots guide.

It’s the chant we can’t enter a pub without hearing, scroll through Twitter without favouriting or see a football and not think (while kicking it).

In a country where a cup of tea, cooked breakfast and football are looked upon as a religion can anyone afford not to join in with our countries football antics this summer?

The famous chant resurfaces every time England manages to win a major tournament, probably why we don’t hear it all that often.

Recently football-fever has meant that it’s been sung in the streets and shared on social media platforms, Alan Shearer even chanted it during Match of the Day after England’s surprising penalty win on Tuesday.

For years, the song Three Lions has united fans across the country.

Every time it has been sang the words have caused pints to clank and fans to strip off their shirts, but maybe this time it’s more than that.

Early exits from World Cup favourites such as Spain, Germany and Argentina have meant that England actually have a chance.

Euro 96 saw the introduction of the song by comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner as they joined forces with the band the Lightning Seeds. 

While “it’s coming home” originally referred to England hosting its first major tournament for three decades, it’s now got a much stronger meaning – England will win the cup.

The comedians were cherry picked to write the official England song after the double act hosted a popular football show called Fantasy Football. 

The show was lad culture, footie and comedy – but the song was so much more.

Upon listening to the full and original version of the song fans can relate to the lyrics: “England’s gonna throw it away, gonna blow it away”.

The song was written for a tournament which saw Gareth Southgate’s penalty miss for England, the very man who may be about to end 52 years of hurt by actually bringing it home this summer.

But verses such as this aren’t filling our bars, streets and homes right now, the chorus has that glory.

England may not win this year, but the song has definitely won our hearts as Three Lions has a new level of importance to fans across the country.

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