Taking some ‘M.E’ time

Hello loyal readers/subscribers/followers,

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you! Your continued support and interaction with Elephant’s Voice resulted in my university awarding me a First-class for DMP – the module connected to the site. It was awarded not only for my own effort and professionalism on the site but your reactions to it. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

Without your views, clicks, shares and comments I would not be graduating with the classification that I am in four weeks time. But, you’ll have to sit tight before finding out what my final classification will be! (Even I am not fully sure yet.)

Secondly, I’d like to apologise. My inactivity over the past three months came (seemingly) without warning or explanation.

Unfortunately life took over. The M.E relapse I shared with you whilst simultaneously sharing my medical history for the first time became a deeper relapse than I had originally realised. This was impeccably timed during my final university assignments.

I am currently undergoing various treatments provided by the NHS and specialist clinics. My relapse recovery rate is predictably… unpredictable. Originally, when first admitted to hospital, I was given a three month recovery rate. However, a full recovery is now predicted to take over a year.

However, thankfully continued support and excellent care has enabled my body to return to a new level of normal. One slightly lower than before. Though I am once again a fully functioning woman who exercises, dates, laughs and walks.

So, starting next Wednesday (20th June 2018) Elephant’s Voice will fully and finally return.

Look out on @elephants_voice to decide which direction we can take text!

See you in seven days.

Always grateful,

Charlie x

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