Scamella: are we all too quick to hate business women or are some just rip-offs?

Scamella, original right? No. But arguably more original than her 12 day advent calendar, obviously all those other calendars were getting it wrong with 24 doors.

British YouTuber Zoe Sugg, with a whopping 12 million subscribers is the young face that all eleven year olds look up to. Though she is nearly thirty herself, but she’s doing makeup hauls and loved up videos for preteens everywhere.

Last week Zoella was the trending Twitter topic of the week with JaackMaate’s YouTube video only fuelling the fire.

Coincidental half price offer ‘of the week’: note the two and a half star rating.

It has been estimated that the calendar is actually worth half the price, pretty fitting when you notice that Boots were quick to half the price of the calendar in reaction to the backlash.


However, this isn’t the first time the vlogger turned successful (albeit sneaky) business woman has disappointed her fans – and their paying mothers.

The 27 year-old, that age shocks many, has an average viewer demographic of 11 to 15 year old girls – yes this is a guess, but tell me I’m wrong? Mothers everywhere allow and encourage their young daughters to watch Zoella’s vlogs as she’s the ‘picture perfect woman’ and role model. But is she? Or is she just a smart business woman selling over priced items such as a mug for £18.

Yes, she’s a celebrity and yes, she’s not the worst human being: far from it. She’s a fantastic business woman who, just like fellow successful business woman Kim Kardashian, faces backlash for being ‘fake’ to her followers and profiting solely from her name. Though, is this not something many celebrities are guilty of? Singers bottling perfumes with their signature slapped across are no different from Zoella – though this doesn’t make her over-priced gift any cheaper it is something to think about.

Her entrepreneurial actions may be making her money, though how many people will actually buy the item following the scandal? These young girls will be saving pennies or begging mommy for an item that they want from their role model.

However, it isn’t only her items that have caused a stir, who could forget the disastrous YouTube meet and greet event that left some mothers demanding refunds. Last month Zoella was part of an event called HelloWorld Live which was advertised online as: “an epic, four hour immersive live show like nothing on earth.” Promising fans the chance to not only meet the YouTuber but ‘chill with her’.  VIP tickets were £99 but they didn’t quite deliver, instead children queued for hours to see the star for only a handle of minutes on a stage too far away even for iPhone zoom – no signatures, no hugs, no selfies.


Were not angry about the meet and greet its just that we expect to see someone like @Zoella who as 11 mill subs on the main stage for 2 secs

Hi Jayne! There are some people who feel really comfortable being on a stage in front of thousands of people, however I am not one of them & was never scheduled to be on the main stage for a “segment” on my own!

Then we remember the book she spent many ‘sleepless nights’ writing – but wait, she didn’t. ‘Girl Online’ was ghost written, while this is not unusual for celebrities it is unethical to lie as she did in her videos about all the work that went into the writing. Penguin, the books publisher, even admitted: “Zoe Sugg did not write the book.” the book that sold over 78,000 copies in the first week of release in 2014. Business woman, yes.

Yes, many celebrities/entrepreneurs do things such as this, but not all are so hideous online. How much can a personality really change since 2010? She was over eighteen yet her Twitter was full of scandalous tweets.

Image may contain: Trademark, Logo, Text

Image may contain: Trademark, LogoImage may contain: Trademark, Logo

Image may contain: Trademark, Logo, TextImage may contain: Text, Trademark, Logo

Though her fans jumped to her defence it’s important to remember that Zoella is nearly thirty, when writing these tweets she was twenty, twenty. A fully fledged adult.

Many women face scrutiny for business decisions that arguably men would not face. Last weeks attack towards Jady from Love Island supports this theory. Women are still expected to be submissive and polite while males take over the business world. You never see One Direction critiqued for topless photo shoots while Little Mix are never out of the headlines. 

4 thoughts on “Scamella: are we all too quick to hate business women or are some just rip-offs?

  1. I find this debate interesting. Zoella is the reason I started watching YouTube and in turn created my blog. She is a very prominent person who people look up to especially the younger generation. Personally I feel that the calendar is overpriced, but my personal opinion is that most advent calender’s are. I don’t stand by her decision but at the end of the day she has a business and on this occasion it has failed but the price point. The book’s debate doesn’t bother me, she would of spent a lot of time creating the plot and writing it would of just been rewritten the plot and what goes on I’m sure was all her idea. Zoella as a brand is ridiculously strong and she has to admit her mistakes which I feel unfortunately she hasn’t spoken about much. I feel this debate will continue for years to come..
    Great post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I really loved hearing your opinion and having you join the debate so passionately- it’s great to hear everyone’s opinions on this!

      Thanks so much for reading the debate and then joining it! 🐘

      Liked by 1 person

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