Wait, are psychopaths good now and not just murderers in basements?

That’s right, experts are claiming that psychopaths may just be beneficial to our society – if you overlook the violent tendencies and scary horror movies based on their slightly more negative personality traits.

The University of Plymouth has recently found that psychopaths can make rational decisions in short time periods – decisions that normally functioning people just couldn’t do. Why? Because of emotions. 

This doesn’t mean that prisons are about to open up their doors and let actively violent psychopaths out to help us decide day-to-day queries such as what to buy for tea… but these new findings will be put to use.

The scientists found that psychopaths were more likely to sacrifice one person to save a larger group of people if they had the choice as their brain didn’t struggle with the moral dilemma of killing one person because it meant saving many more.

Though this behaviour makes sense to the everyday person it’s still an emotionally difficult situation to make as it means to save many lives you must end one – something that psychopaths are perfectly okay with.

Questions such as this were posed to the tests subjects while responses were monitored and recorded. Image courtesy of: Neruodecision.

However, this dilemma wasn’t only an ‘easy choice’ for a psychopath but it also found that they were more likely to cause the death of the person with greater force. Though this isn’t shocking to anyone who’s watched more than one stereotypical horror film or googled ‘psycho’ it does prove that psychopathic traits we normally deem bad are useful, when necessary.

Does this mean that psychopathic traits such as antisocial behaviour and lack of empathy should not always be labelled as bad? 

Last year the ugly truth was published by The Independent that 1 in 5 CEO’s are psychopaths – just normally not violent. Psychopaths aren’t always murdering men who have secret torture chambers under their family homes, sometimes they are, sometimes they’re the business man who pushes past you in the queue at Starbucks.

Maybe it’s time to stop making horror films on the small portion of psychopathic ‘monsters’ and start understanding that the majority of high-functioning non-violent psychopaths may not only be safe but actually beneficial to society.

Who’s hands would your life be safest in? 

If you were in serious danger would you not rather a psychopath throw one stranger under a bus to prevent it from crashing into you and five other people further down the road? This study proves that this is exactly what a psychopath would do, without pause and without emotion but with great force.



19 thoughts on “Wait, are psychopaths good now and not just murderers in basements?

  1. Wow I haven’t heard of this study before but it makes sense looking at that first question although looking over it now I can see the logic in saving 5 lives to lose 1 but in the moment I wouldn’t know how to make that decision or even if I could. Great post Charlie as always

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  2. This was an interesting read and I really don’t know what to say about this. I could easily take one life if there was five other on the line, but then again it would depend on so many things. Like who are these people, why they are there and if there was something I could do to prevent either of the possibilities to happen.

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    1. Exactly, it’s s difficult when you actually think an put yourself truly in that situation – if only being logical was as easy for everyone!

      Thanks for reading again 🐘🐘


  3. I loved reading this! I studied Psychology at A-Level and I always found learning about psychopaths so fascinating! We forget that a lot of them may work alongside us or are friends with us and they’re not necessarily ‘bad’ people, it’s just that films portray them all that way. I think the interesting factor is that not a lot of people may even know they have psychopathic traits until push comes to shove and they’re faced with a scenario where they have to make a decision like the ones you’ve presented! This was so interesting to read and see the findings from the latest study!

    Jenny x


    Jenny x

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    1. That’s such an interesting comment to make – that we may not even know ourselves if we have psychopathic tendencies unless they’re highlighted by a situation. I never even thought of that, it’s so easy not to apply these things to yourself, but we all should!

      I also studied Psychology and it sounds like we had a lot of mutual interests – it’s all so fascinating that’s it’s hard not to be interested really!

      Thank you so much for reading✨✨

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      1. Yes I definitely agree! I think it’s just all of the stigma around what a psychopath is that makes people forget that they could just be normal people living around us, even the successful businessmen and businesswomen!

        Yes! I absolutely loved Psychology, it’s honestly the most insightful subject I’ve studied and it really makes you think about people and their personalities and our environment! I’m so glad you share the mutual love for the subject too!

        No worries lovely, enjoy your evening!

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