Rule #1, never make yourself #2

We all have days when we look in the mirror and think oh god.

How have I allowed myself to look like this? When did I put on six pounds? Where is my life going? What the hell is my skin? 

We all have sometimes wished we started out diet months ago or changed our hairstyle before a big day. We’re human and we are flawed.

Sometimes we gain weight and sometimes we lose it.

Sometimes we laugh at ourselves but at other times we just feel hate.

Sometimes we wake up happy, and, sometimes we really fucking don’t.

We are all guilty of dreaming back to life when the hardest thing we had to think about were what to pack in our rucksack for school and which really is the cutest pencil case in WHSmith (note to self: nothing with fucking glitter).

We dream of growing older until we wish to go back. Something we all need to learn about this? Live in the moment. It sounds cliche and I even feel myself cringe typing it but do it, live in the moment.

Life isn’t all about having a ‘good job’, a healthy work-life balance, making rent on time and fitting into your jeans.

What about when that well-paid job of yours makes you miserable? How about when managing the school run on top of getting to work on time physically doesn’t allow enough time in the day? What about when Mr. Right leaves you for Miss. Younger Now and those fucking jeans shrink in the wash?

Maybe I sound cynical, maybe I’m getting carried away. Or, just maybe what I’m trying to tell you is that it’s okay to fall apart, beep at the person who cut you up on a roundabout and eat that pudding.

Life’s going to happen anyway, so just do you – the very best you.


11 thoughts on “Rule #1, never make yourself #2

  1. I love this post it’s so easy to forget the value of yourself when life gets busy and that your wellbeing is just as important as bills and work and everything else x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿


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