Dear freshers,

How excited are you? Like so totally pumped? Good, you should be.

University is an incredible experience and if you speak to any twenty-something graduate they will weep and tell their own freshers stories about clubs that aren’t even a thing anymore.

It’s fantastic, you meet people, join societies (well, the majority of people don’t, students are lazy what can I say?), drink too much and some people cheat on their boyfriend. Hell, a lot of people cheat on their significant others. Note to everyone: don’t be that person.

Make the most of your first year and throw yourself head first into every-single-damn-activity. Day and night. It’s daunting and there is always someone dressed cuter than you but honestly, in two months time you’ll be wearing your blanket to lectures and washing every other day.


Dance like your dad and drink like your mom


Make the most of your time

Day time is for working off the shit-ton of carbs you’re digesting, going out for food, checking out that society you glanced at and sometimes even attending the odd lecture – you’ll be thankful for it next year.

The best friends you make won’t be the loudest in the group or the person who can down the most drinks. Look for that friend with the same interests as you.

Most people you meet in your first year probably won’t make it through with you to the second, not just because of the high drop-out rates but because those first few months people often struggle to relax and show their true personalities. And, that’s okay. That’s normal. These will be the friends you have a quick dance with in the club in twelve months time but then buy drinks with your other friends, you know, those lifelong ones ever always talks about.

Do not cheat, I repeat, do not cheat

There’s temptation everywhere. Alcohol is everywhere too. Both these things are only there temporarily – for the night. Your significant other is going to be around, most likely, much longer. If you want to cheat so damn bad then just end it.


Ignore temptation, it’s only ever temporary!


Don’t be that girl who drunkenly gets with that cute guy and then doesn’t get a text back in the morning while her boyfriend is commenting on your cute Instagram photos.

Don’t be the lad who isn’t fitting in just yet so decides to buy that random girl a drink, which leads to two, which leads to ‘my place or yours?’.

Noone said it would be easy but don’t make it harder for yourself by cheating.

Talk to the quiet ones, they always surprise you

It’s easy to fall into a friendship group and isolate yourself to making any friends who aren’t in that inner circle. This can mean only making friends with people in your accommodation or sticking to that friend you made the first time you sat in lecture. Make an effort with these people, yes. But, make an effort with other people too.

Those people who sit at the back may be struggling to fit in and turn into your bestfriend once they ‘ve adjusted to their new surroundings. University is a massive change and it’s not always easy to relax.

Take the time to even get to know the mature students.

Take the time with everybody.

We ALL get homesick

Nothing comes without its downsides. At university it’s mostly the hangovers – you never really get used to just how bad they can be. Top tip: drink two pints of water throughout a night out or at least when you get home. Hangovers are your body trying to tell you that you’re dehydrated – listen to it! It’s okay not to drink, whether it’s because of religion, antibiotics, health reasons or personal choice. Some of my friends don’t drink and it is not mandatory to always have a pint when someone else does.

However, homesickness isn’t quite as easy to cure as a hangover. You can call home, but that sometimes makes it worse. You can visit home, most people can semi-regularly, but don’t miss out as home will always be there.


Nothing ever beats the club you’ve been going to since you’ve been sixteen but give others the chance to surprise you


Some people cry, some people hide out and isolate themselves, others get crazy drunk while it’s best to just let yourself feel homesick. The feeling will pass the more you throw yourself into activities and settle in.

It’s normal and you can open up to other freshers about it as they’re most likely having the same feelings. You may even bond over it. The statistic isn’t available for how many freshers cry once their parents drive off but I think most would agree it’s pretty fucking high.

Make sure to charge your phone up for loads of damn photos

You will look back on these first few weeks for the rest of your life. So, do yourself a favor and record them all in your back pocket until this photos go from polaroids on a wall to life long memories in a tattered old album.

Plus, without photos how else will you piece together your night or remember who was in your society? It’s all milestones.

Disclaimer: there is no fool proof list of how to settle in at uni, just do you – at your own pace.

Some nights you’re going to not make it past pre-drinks while others you’ll be on some hidden part of the high street complaining how your feet hurt at 5am with people you didn’t know three months earlier.

Say goodbye to sleep. But, say hello life long friends, timeless memories and finding people who make you snort when you laugh – the only kind of snorting you need (hopefully!).


Third-year student




17 thoughts on “Dear freshers,

  1. YES! definitely talk to the quiet ones; they can really surprise with actually how loud they can be and how much fun they can have. I’m definitely one of the quiet one’s usually so having people take the time to talk to me was fab!
    Sarah x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so easy to think those with a quiter voice have less to say but that’s never the case – I often find those who are a little more introverted at the start really open up once they’ve got more comfortable! Always nice to hear people relating to the posts!

      Thanks for reading! Xo


  2. I totally agree that you need to charge up your phone for plenty of photos! It’s great and worth it for the memories. I also agree don’t be that person who cheats either x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I wish I had read something like this before starting uni last year.

    There’s some great advice on here.

    Faye Jessica |

    Liked by 1 person

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