Frisky females: why masturbation should be a yes, yes, YES!

Flicking your bean. Having a fiddle. ‘Me time’. Taking your fingers for a walk. Finger painting. The pink canoe…

This isn’t just a topic that Cosmopolitan like to cover – this is a real thing that women want to talk about, freely. Women are liberated and sexy and (shock horror) have urges too. It isn’t just men who lock themselves in rooms and have an ear pressed to the door in case someone comes home. Diamonds aren’t girls best friend anymore, her vibrator is.

Female fiddling seems to be a taboo subject – it may be 2017 but want to make a room fall silent? Ask a group of middle aged women how often take their ‘me time’ to the next level.  The inside-the-pants level. Watch them fall silent.

However, ask a bunch of twenty-something females after two cocktails and you better prepare for a whole a different answer: sex toys, positions, frequency, ‘female friendly’ porn and so much more…

20631537_1900060016920232_27916152_n.jpgAccording to the Huffington Post 7.9% of women aged 25-29 enjoy the activity two – three times a week, in contrast to 23.4% of men who do.

Though it’s so important to remember that, as per most taboo or socially unacceptable things, there is a hidden figure within the statistics – the women who do but just don’t say. So, with this in mind, I reached out to a few ladies via Twitter…



The response was overwhelming, nobody told me I was wrong and that masturbation is just for men. Did you read that? NOBODY SAID IT IS JUST FOR MEN. Women have urges, women want to feel comfortable with their bodies and WOMEN LOVE SEX IN TOO – it’s not just men who are allowed to feel these ways.



Siobhan @veganbabelife felt so strongly about that taboo that she used her social media platform to take on the taboo – inspiring this article.

@veganbabelife loves talking about masturbation –  especially after working in a sex shop!



After promoting the most recent Chats with Charlie piece it became noticeable that using the word ‘masturbate’ in the tweets attracted the attention of double the segments normal traffic! People want to talk sex. 
20668573_1900060030253564_904601665_nWomen want to talk about masturbation and a lot seem to even be asking for tips/tricks/toys!


The strangest thing is that when women talk to their boyfriends about their masturbating habits they aren’t met with repulse or horror – they’re met with encouragement!

Maybe it’s just the older, more conservative, generations that are wagging their fingers – yes, that was on purpose!

Still feeling a little ‘tight’ on the subject? Open your eyes, and then maybe your legs, and read the thirteen beneficial facts as to why we should masturbate.

First I’d take a look at what these liberated ladies have to say first…

@emmjoyxxx contacted me to be included via Twitter!

Lifestyle blogger Emma Joy feels supported and sexy by her boyfriend’s attitude

towards masturbation – they share an open relationship where they both feel comfortable to talk about how many times a week, even though they enjoy an active sex life – so much so that Emma is now expecting!


She is not alone in her thoughts, though not every girl who came forward was ready to pull up their pants and step out into the big wide world of the web and talk about the stigma against women who – simply put – enjoy their bodies. When you put it like that it’s hard to even see what people can have a problem with!





We are the generation that overshares – pouring our life stories onto Facebook and gossiping every single day over Whatsapp, but no woman will talk openly about a perfectly normal and healthy activity?

What is wrong with us? Want to talk sexy? Doing something that not everyone agrees with, blowing open a taboo and liberating yourself at the same time! Women can buy vibrators at Ann Summers parties and let naked strippers gyrate on them at Henn parties but then can’t tell their friends that once a week they enjoy their own bodies? 


LOVE your bodies, feel confident and sexy and SLAAAAAAY


Header image found via Twitter

17 thoughts on “Frisky females: why masturbation should be a yes, yes, YES!

  1. I’ve definetely never understood the stigma behind female masturbation, men do it all the time but women get such a different reaction when they open speak about it? It’s a normal and healthy part of life, everyone does it but women don’t talk up about it! I’ve been called a slut multiple times for opening talking about my sex life before and it’s just so people’s outlook that needs to change.

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THIS. THIS. THIS.^^
      I could not have argued the point better myself – YES as women we have sexual urges – shock horror!

      Thanks for reading my sweet and glad you enjoyed the piece!


    1. Thank you! Really appreciate a males perspective on this especially!

      We ALL have urges and we should all be comfortable with not only our bodies but also talking about them!


  2. The stigma in females masturbation is ridiculous! We do it just as much as men, if not even more. I think it’s great to talk about these things. It’s time to break taboos.

    Liked by 1 person

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