Sexist Dr. Who fans: You can accept aliens but not a female?

A woman playing the role as the thirteenth doctor? Heavens, whatever next?! Maybe women becoming real life doctors…

Over a decade of men in suits and the BBC decided a change was necessary. As per every few series, a new time lord has been announced to keep things fresh and exciting. But, longtime fans of the TV series are not happy AND guess what? It’s pretty fucking dumb.

Does that sound like you? Are you really mad that Dr. Who has decided to cast a female as the lead? It’s 2017. If we can vote then why can’t we be the lead in Dr. Who?

NO, the decision to make a female lead shouldn’t only be about cultural taboos. What about Jodie Whittaker and her talent? Her fantastic audition and achievement upon being cast this massive lead role?

As fans, people are more than willing to get outside their comfort zone and accept aliens, different planets, language altering technology, and TIME TRAVEL but accepting a female doctor is just too stupid and unrealistic, right? Wrong. Wrong, wrong, WRONG. 

That says a lot more about yourself than it does the BBC’s casting choices.

Hopefully, this choice hasn’t been made with money in mind as recently released figures show that the gender pay gap is still very much alive within the BBC. It’s time to exterminate the pay gap and pay people solely by their performance – not what’s in their pants.

How fantastic is it that a massive mainstream show has made the change to deter away from the (slightly tiresome) but working series format to insert a fresh and exciting change to a much-loved character!

Image result for dr who sexiest tweets
Many have taken to Twitter to reply to the sexist backlash, The Wrap.

Gender stereotyping will be broken right in front of everyone’s eyes – in their own living room. The only sad thing about this is that nobody seemed to spot the gender stereotype sooner!

It’s so important for the fan base to get excited about this new change to the dynamic. Why? A large portion of that fan base is made up of children, learning from things they watch and opinions they hear. Why should girls tune into the TV series and feel like a woman playing the lead in their favorite show is such a monstrosity?

The video above should be enough to show people that children not only need but want female role models in their favourite shows – including Dr. Who. (Skip the video to the last ten seconds if you have a short attention span!)

Over a decade ago the show introduced omnisexual time traveler Captain Jack Harkness – Dr. Who’s first ever non-heterosexual character. He was a flirtatious character who was confident with his sexuality and was particularly voracious. This was a gay man on the hit show that most fans adored.

2012 saw the Doctor’s companion, Clara had an attraction to both men and women.

Sexuality and diversity are openly and naturally explored on the show so why is it so hard for fans to accept a female lead? It’s a big question, but one you should really be asking yourself if you have a problem.

If the BBC choose to ignore the fans opinions and go ahead then they risk losing a (seemingly) large portion of views. But, let’s remember. A lot of fans are also female.

Let’s be honest, if it turns out the core fan base are raving sexists then do you even want their views? No big loss. Especially when this new casting decision will bring lots of old fans (and some new ones) setting the recorder on the TV. I know I’ll be watching.

PS, hasn’t the whole point of Timelord’s been that they are gender fluid? If they can change the age they look then surely they can lose a penis.

Image result for new female doctor sexist tweets
BBC image courtesy of Twitter.



Still mad and want to read more on the story? Here’s the reference’s I used:

The Guardian, BuzzFeed, The Mirror, Digital Spy.

Featured image courtesy of Broadly Vice.



2 thoughts on “Sexist Dr. Who fans: You can accept aliens but not a female?

  1. I still don’t understand why this is such a big topic of controversy. It’s a women in the lead of a show. It’s 2017, people. Women exist. You see them every day. You eat beside them. Your mother is one. You let one take care of you when you’re sick at the hospital. You have sex with them. But you won’t be ok with one playing the lead to gender-neutral lead character on a tv show??


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I 100% agree with everything you’re saying!!! 🐘 It’s mad how this is actually classed as NEWS! The new doctor is news – not the fact the part is going to be played by a female!
      Step into this decade please!

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