Hormonal Acne: when mother nature decides periods aren’t bad enough already

Ever heard of a minor little drug called Roaccutane? If you have then you’ll know that the drug is anything but minor or little. 

Clear skin loving

My own journey on the drug was successful, to a point. Thinking of taking the wonder drug? Check out my story –  including photos of my own acne ridden face, who doesn’t want to see that?

Since then, as most acne ridden people, my spots have built up a resistance. That’s right, spots are savvy little shits.

So, let’s get to it.

Do you get acne (and not spots, actual acne) perfectly synced with your menstrual cycle? I’ve already done a piece on this and the reasons why in my post Pesky-Period-Pimples go Pop!

However, the post didn’t include how to handle hormonal acne, just why it happens. Long story short mother nature likes to put the body through two different types of hell during your period: your skin goes through two major hormonal shifts.

  1. Stage One – Follicular
  2. Luteal Period and Post Menstrual.

Quick little science lesson – skin is the largest organ of the body and acne is a big slap in the face indication that detoxifying isn’t going quite so well. Basically, your body just isn’t doing well. So, to all those acne blamer’s out there – acne isn’t from not washing. We are clean. Our bodies just aren’t detoxifying, god sake!

This flare up occurred over night but was mostly cover-able.
One week before mother nature really hits – THIS is hormonal acne

Menstrual cycles average at around four weeks in length – aka the painters visit once a month. Smearing paint in our pants and spots over our face.

18426255_1858790311047203_1891873285_oThe ‘peak’ of oestrogen release is normally around fourteen days after a period has ended. When these levels go back down the progesterone levels increase again, this can cause a massive change in the oil glands. Meaning, more sebum – the thick oily substance which causes acne. Hello pimples, black heads, yellow heads, hello hell and low self esteem. 

Sound like you? Had enough of this? There are things you can do. Other than the normal: drink lots of water, don’t over binge on the period chocolate and don’t EVER sleep in makeup.

I’m talking prescription help…

Do what I did and cry to your doctor, on your period, without makeup on. Let the spots do the talking and then ask for these three repeat prescriptions.

Co-cyprindiol (used to be known as Dianette) – this is a controceptive pill. It’s the only pill that has even regulated my hormones enough to combat acne. I’ve used it three times over the last decade – only coming off it each time because I wanted a more permanent fix. It’s a trusy old friend and really can’t fault it.

Lymecycline is a big boy in the world of acne antibiotics, tetracycline based broad-spectrum antibiotic. It may take a good three-four months to stay kicking in but the effects are wonderful.

As the Lymecycline takes awhile to really start making a difference I would recommend the cream Epiduo. Ever tried Differin? You’ll love this, it’s just like that but better and a tube lasts longer. 

Epiduo the Benzoyl peroxide gel works in three ways: it removes any existing blockage from the skin pores, stops the production of excess sebum, and it also has an anti-bacterial action. Basically, it’s your best friend.

Epiduo, Co-Cyprinidiol, Lymecycline prescriptions.

After four weeks of starting all three treatments, it may seem severe but please remember I went on Roaccutane so I ain’t someone to tackle my spots halfheartedly, my skin was clear and has stayed that way since.

You think I’d crack a smile for the clear skin right?



It’s been three months and that’s a whole three periods without a flare up.


Truly hope this helps, feel free to ask any questions via the comments section – I’d spend all day talking about acne if I could. Remember, acne doesn’t define you.




2 thoughts on “Hormonal Acne: when mother nature decides periods aren’t bad enough already

  1. Thanks so much for writing this! On my next visit to my doctor I’ll definitely enquire about Epiduo – as I said on twitter I’m on Duac at the moment. Issue us the tubes run out way before I’ve ended the Pill treatment so if Epiduo lasts longer that’ll be perfect! x

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