Is Body Confidence this year’s Beach Body?

For decades the world of fashion and photography have been making the impossible seem possible. Even worse, they’ve been making it seem healthy. 

What is a ‘beach body’? Oh wait, don’t we all have one..?

The Kardashian era marked a change in the world of fashion and body ideals. Quickly turning ‘thunder thighs’ into looking ‘thick’. Yes, this is a compliment.

Women who used to feel ‘too fat’ (I feel disgusted even having to write that) to brave a bikini have decided that this year, with a little help from celebrity icons, that every body has a beach body.

Image result for kardashian
Kardashian’s kicked body conformities ass, with their own… Image courtesy of Flickr

Curvy is in and women love it! Diet and exercise suddenly became about shaping up your bottom rather than trying to lose it. Apparently ‘a minute on the lips and a lifetime on the hips’ is now a good thing – we can all live with that.

This isn’t to say that slim is ‘out’!

Every single body type deserves to feel sexy and confident – however, let’s take a little time to appreciate the icons leading one particular body type out of their comfort zones and into the limelight!


Following the new body trend many previously ‘fat shamed’ celebrities turned into leaders in the body confidence movement. Want to feel good today? Check out Iska Lawrence. Don’t ask why – just thank me later.

Articles were suddenly telling women to follow others that inspired them and make them confident – not the models we’d all been dieting dying to be like for years. 

This week massive clothing label Asos decided to follow the consumer, instead of leading them. They listened and we, as a public, applauded them.


@OliviaTuffrey‘s tweet went viral after many agreed with her positive response to Asos’ change


Stretch marks are normal, so normal that even models have them. They’re even seen as beautiful, so beautiful that Asos isn’t going to edit them out anymore. I’m now not so self-conscious of my own ‘orange peel’ – yes, they’ve been called that before.

Twitter has been flooded with praise and trending hashtags thanking Asos for their new swimsuit line. More importantly, the message behind it.


Ashley Graham doesn’t belive that curvy women always feel better ‘covered up’, image courtesy of Flickr

But, body confidence doesn’t stop there. Our shores (and search engines) have also been taken over by plus size model Ashley Graham.


Her swimsuit line for larger ladies has been getting a lot of attention on social media (not to mention free advertising) as women feel liberated with found-again body confidence after buying her fashion items. Taking to social media to share their own swimsuit snaps online!

The Mail Online applauded the swimsuit range and shared some of the happy consumers Instagram snaps, take a peek!

Feeling kind of skeptical that these two things are linked? Check out Victoria’s Secret sales profits.

They used to be one of the biggest fashion outlets in the world. Less than a decade ago the airbrushed abs and unattainable bodies used to draw in customers and sell sexy little outfits.

Image result for victorias secret
Image courtesy of Wiki


However, women have changed since then. The market has changed. We want natural bodies. Healthy bodies. Attainable bodies. 

Their profits have been declining by a recorded 20%. Women want real photos of real women.

Refinery 29 spoke to one of the women who used to do the ‘touching up’ for the company:

“There are also subtle corrections we’d never notice or think would need correcting, simply because of what happens to a human body when photographed. “Everyone has blue hands and blue feet,” says ‘Sarah’.

That’s just the way extremities show up in a picture.

Furthermore, everyone’s armpits turn grey on camera. No matter how closely you shave, you’ll have a shadow, she says.

And many of the models she worked with didn’t bother even shaving: “They come to these photo shoots and, like, they have their arms up in the classic beach pose, and they have, like, hairy armpits. They all have stubbly pubes — all the normal stuff [non-models have].”

It isn’t the clothing brands or celebrities leading this revolution, it’s us ladies. Us natural ladies. It seems the photoshop audience is slowly getting smaller – this can only be a good thing!

It seems, for this year at least, the pressure of the ideal bikini body is off.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Is Body Confidence this year’s Beach Body?

    1. Thanks for commenting! It’s so positive that all shapes and sizes are now seen as sexy and women are started to feel empowered and confident again! 👙

      Thanks for reading xo


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