Pretty Little waste of time: why A.D. was A.Diaster

160 episodes.

Worth it? The fans think not. Well, most of them.

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The Pretty Little Liars, courtesy of Wiki

I’m a fan. Was a fan? Up until the dolls house series. I was one of the fans that stuck with the series because I’d already dedicated so much time to I. Marlene King’s creation that I wanted to really get closure. Kind of like a dead relationship. You know it probably won’t end with a bang but you’d like a proper goodbye and some answers.

After seven seasons and two bloody twin theories, we saw a happily ever after. That was until a producer (or the writer herself) decided it wasn’t too corny to get Adison and her little girl gang to kick start another story. It already felt like PLL’s had gone on forever so as a fan it felt unnecessary to add that loose end. We were all ready for the end, just give it us.

Twin theory number two… the twin theory of the twin theory…

The Hollywood Reporter grilled PLL creator and producer King on her decision to redo the twin theory that fans saw in the previous series with Charlotte. Yes, another one of Mary’s secret children.

“The entire writer’s room thought a lot about this and part of it was actors’ availability. When you don’t own certain actors and they’re not series regulars, you never know if they’re going to be available to you. There were times when I loved the idea of Wren being A.D., Melissa being A.D., a combination of those two, but ultimately we never knew if we were going to get those people in these last 10 episodes and that sort of started discussion that A.D. really needs to be someone who’s a series regular, and fans were always wanting it to be one of the girls … which makes no sense to me because they really would be torturing themselves — the mythology would never work. So that’s when we thought, well we love twins on this show and making it a twin of a PLL is sort of having your cake and getting to eat it too, so it’s almost a “pretty little liar.”  – I. Marlene King.

So, the series shifted from focusing on Alison’s mysterious disappearance in series one to being Alison’s secret sister Charlotte midway through. Ending with Spencer’s mystery family. This natural progression kept things interesting and I like that all characters got seemingly equal airtime and storylines.

The two-hour long finale episode felt rushed. Yes, finale’s should always be longer in my opinion. However, the Spencer/Alex story would’ve really worked nicely had some work been put into it. Half the fun of a climax is the build up. (Maybe put some work into Spencer’s god-awful British accent too).

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Who else would’ve loved to have seen Alex trying to fit in with the girls a little more? Who would’ve enjoyed a massive argument between Spencer and her birth mother Mary with just that glass between them? I wanted Spencer to lose her shit.

I would’ve really enjoyed an ‘actual’ character as A.D. don’t get me wrong, but if you’re going to do the twin thing again then do it right and do it well. I want to really believe in Alex but because of the lame build up and the panicked finale, I just don’t buy into it.

What I would’ve bought was Spencer being killed and Alex playing it out as her sister. That would’ve linked really well with: “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”. 

Pretty Little Liars or Pretty Little (bit) Lost?

Where were all our answers? What’s up with Jenna? Did I check my phone at the wrong moment and miss her entire back story? She turned into a lifesaver but we’ve spent seven series hating the poor girl. Answers?

Mona? Ah, got to admit I sort of liked the fact that she’s still mentally unstable – isn’t that how we all like Mona best? No? Just me? Well, imagine if we’d seen the scene when Alex and Mary were kidnapped instead of going to prison and had to wait right until the end of the finale to see that it was Mona’s handy work? I would’ve enjoyed that. But, again, why? Why is Mona still not stable? Answers?

What happened to Lucas? I wanted that little nerd to go big and bad. If he turned out to be the finale’s A.D I think a lot of fans would’ve been happy. I definitely would’ve been. The nerd who felt outcast and finally had the chance to put the IT girls in their place? He had the money and he had the brains so why not? Anyway, what happened to him? Answers?

Where’s Jason? Answers?

Did Emily and Alison have twins because they’re going to go creepy too? Are we meant to think that or does the series just like twins? Answers?

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As fans, we have been following these girls for seven years. Over that time the show has tackled so many issues while remaining interesting, current and modern.

We’ve watched as Emily handled losing her father and understanding her own sexuality.

Alison has gone from a bitchy girl who manipulated all her friends to a woman who’s strong and independent.

Hanna is written in the books to have suffered from Bulimia in order to fit her fashion orientated world, though this wasn’t explored in the series her fierce personality and a strong sense of loyalty made her character a good role model. Hanna showed us the love will always come back if it’s meant to be.

Spencer has fought back against a difficult family focused on academic success and become a passionate woman with so much more than just brains, proving that you can be the woman who does it all. Spencer’s character also tackled the stigma against drug addiction, proving that drugs aren’t just on the street, sometimes they’re inside a professional suit.

Aria proved in the final series that even the strongest of women can be scared into a corner (blackmailed into doing A.D’s dirty work) – a corner she quickly escaped after seeing the effect on her friends. Aria’s relationship with Ezra also proved that love can sometimes cross boundaries – am I the only one who still remembers their make-out session in his car during a downpour..?

Let’s be honest, five girls still friends after seven years? Not even a handful of stalkers are going to break their friendship. Maybe it’s corny but as fans, we have grown up with these girls and what better role models do we need? Apparently running over a weirdo with a car and being threatened with incriminating videos, locked and tortured in an underground dolls house and a clever little board game really does cement a friendship.


Header image courtesy of: Buzzfeed


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