Are single women lonely and loveless or liberated and laughin’?

Emotional intimacy? Trust? Investing an interest in someone else’s life? Who has time for that? It seems that a growing portion of the (as Topshop likes to put it) females of the future are choosing life without love.

Women in the UK are sticking their middle finger up to relationships. It seems that it is good-bye boyfriends and hello to the sexy single lifestyle!

Disclaimer: It’s important to note that single life isn’t always that god-awful image of Bridget Jones weeping into alcohol, sometimes it is, but most of the time it really isn’t. Singlehood is casual dating, busy calendars, lots of socialising with friends and success at work.

This is not to say that women in relationships aren’t happy. Long term relationships don’t always mean that men aren’t getting any and that women have given up shaving. If you believe these things then please come out of the 90s. Long term relationships can be fulfilling, nurturing and full of crazy sex. However, statistics released last year, courtesy of Relate, proved that 18% of couples last year regularly dreamed of breaking up. It’s statistics like these that make Apps such as Whisper so successful, sad but kind of juicy.


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Photo courtesy of Feminist Daily.
It doesn’t sound quite like such a fairy tale ending, after all, does it? Sometimes, not all the time, women don’t want a prince charming. Sometimes, as women, we enjoy kissing frogs, making up our own fairytale ending and hell, not all women want to even be a princess.


Staying single can be a form of emotional armour. No more lying awake wondering if your other half was thinking of someone else when you had sex last night. No mad dash to turn the light off when you’re getting changed because your partner may just notice those extra few pounds (women aren’t strangers to a little *ahem* ‘relationship weight’). 

Relationship weight, feelings of being stifled and loss of fresh conversation topics are all included in the bundle of fun we call relationships. Women want more. Fuck, women deserve more. (Men too, but that isn’t the title of this piece!)

Maybe this relates to why Relate reports that the majority of divorces are initiated by wives, a whopping 65% of divorces. Also, that women were more likely to cite their partner’s behavior as the reason behind the divorce. Women are empowered in the contemporary UK and are choosing to work on themselves rather than failing relationships.

There are pro’s and con’s to be in a relationship and out of one. In a relationship shaving your legs is a gift and happens on a quarterly basis. However, your shaving regime is much different when dating, twice a week? Above the knee too? Around pants or inside? Dating is fun, but it’s mostly pre-booked fun that happens after a £25 trip to your trusted waxer. When in a relationship the fun is more relaxed, stroking your hairy-Hagrid legs and laughing at those women who shave on a regular basis. The woman you used to be.

This isn’t to say that women must shave to please a man, however, the trend seems to be that when you start dating you want to show the very best version of yourself, and for a lot of women this version is shaved, exfoliated and tanned.

Relationships take work and commitment, when you’re single this commitment can be turned on and off at a flick of a switch. You shave on your own terms, spend money on what you want and don’t need to ‘check in’ via text with anybody.

Two-thirds of college students report a ‘friends with benefits’ agreement, citing that the ‘lack of necessary commitment’ was the big draw for them. Besides, ofcourse, the sex. Single life and casual sex trends are both rising year on year, milleniuals are choosing to focus on themselves other than counterparts. Is this a consequence of our throw-away society? No. It’s the future of an iindependentgeneration.

Living life without a partner can fall into two categories: alone or lonely. The choice is yours, perception is everything.

Single is sexy. Single is independent, focused and bloody good fun.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay, via Google Image tool search (free to use).




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