Ariana defies terror attack, leading public to fighting hate with love

Is there anything more defiant and empowering than answering hate with love?

That’s exactly what Ariana Grande chose to do. Her and thousands of fans, many artists and all those supporting over social media.

The Manchester terror attack on May 22nd, just two weeks ago, saw suicide bomber Salman Ramadan Abedi (22) decide to detonate, even after seeing the excited fans leaving the concert.

The monstrosity did not create hate or racism, but instead, brought together not only Mancunians, but the world.

As Piers Morgan said not long after the attack, Abedi would’ve waited outside and watched the thousands of children excitedly leaving the stadium. But no, that didn’t change his mind. He didn’t turn away and leave the youngsters to enjoy the night they’d probably spent months looking forward to.

Image result for ariana grande tweet manchester
Ariana’s tweet following the terror attack.
Instead he chose to detonate a shrapnel-laden improvised explosive devise at the exit of the arena. 22 fatalities, 119 injured (23 critically). 22 adults and children went to Ariana’s concert and never went home.

This decision seems to have had the adverse effect than that that was desired. Instead of hiding away and scaring the population, the tickets for the event sold out within minutes.

Image result for ariana grande tweet manchester
One Love Manchester.

Two weeks later and Manchester’s Old Trafford Cricket ground with a capacity of 50,000 was sold out for Ariana’s One Love concert.

In the past fortnight the public has responded in the most beautiful of ways.

Parrs Wood High School choir sang ‘My Everything’ onstage after capturing Ariana’s heart over social media, reducing both the star and lead singer Natasha Seth (12).

A policeman was captured dancing with children during the concert, going round in circles holding hands.

Wendy Williams dedicated an empty chair to one of the victims who was due to be in her audience. 

A Manchester attack vigil was empowered by a lone woman who led the grieving crowd to sing ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’.

Acts such as these show that Manchester, and the world, will not be divided by hate. We are united, strong and forever loving.

The public have taken to social media to support those who may feel vulnerable to racism or backlash.

It seems that most can understand that those involved in these acts of hate are not representative of the Muslim faith. Committing these violent acts during Ramadan shows that they do not only disrespect life, but also faith.

Muslim paramedics saved lives that day.

Muslim’s reported suspicious activity to the police prior to the event.

Muslim’s marched, days after the attack, in their thousands to show that they united with those suffering.

It was a Muslim man who reached out and stood blind folded in Manchester offering hugs in the city centre in a moving gesture.

We stand together, united. The best revenge to such devastating hate is exactly how the world is responding right now, with love. 

It’s devastating that fourteen years after ‘Where is the Love?’ was released that the song is still so relevant today, bringing thousands to tears tonight.

Ariana’s concert is expected to raise over £2 million for those affected by the terror attack, as reported by The Telegraph. The event is even expected to have had more viewers than Live Aid.

“I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank you for coming together and being so strong and unified. I think the kind of love you’re displaying tonight is the medicine the world needs right now and I want to thank you for coming tonight, I love you so much.

I also want to say I had the pleasure of meeting Olivia’s mummy a few days ago. As soon as I met her I started crying and she said I should stop crying because Olivia would not have wanted me to cry. Then she said that Olivia would have wanted to hear the hits.

That means that I had a totally different show planned and we had to change everything last minute.

Tonight has been so light and full of energy and I want to thank you all for it.”

Ariana Grande, 04/06/2017

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