It looks like the public maybe making a U-turn, and that nearly everyone underestimated Corbyn…

(Here’s a little disclaimer before you all rip me to shreds for being brave, stupid enough to voice my political opinion online.) 

I’m not going to write about manifestos, just the two big personalities that everyone has been talking about: Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn (did I really need to even say the names?).


We’ve all tried to keep more or less up-to-date with the campaign as I’ve realised this year that my vote does actually matter. And, if you’re reading this (and you’re 18+) then I’m going to persuade you the same.

Who is Jemery Corbyn? 

The Brexit vote really opened a lot of peoples eyes. National pride and ‘taking back control’ made many people’s choice that day. We are a country ready for change and we are begging for it.

Image result for jeremy corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn


Who’s offering that change now? Corbyn. He’s the man that represents the people, talks like he’s not reading from an autocue and he gets the bus. His face and campaign have caught the eye of so many young voters. Even previous non-voters have signed up.

A surge in people registered to vote last minute. That surge saw a quarter of a million young people under 25 sign up on the last possible day before the general election. These statistics can only be viewed one way by anyone in support of Labour. Good news for Labour lovers. 

Labour is far more popular among young people than it is among older people.

Corbyn has demonstrated that our level of education or financial situation does not determine anything and does not make anyone’s voice any louder.

Many people once against the guy have now made a U-turn. It doesn’t make you look stupid. Refusing to think that’s even an option does.

Well, we had to mention her at some point…

To sum up Theresa May’s entire campaign then that would be easy: “strong and stable”. Isn’t that her mantra? Does she say anything else?

Related image

It was never going to be a good move to arrogantly refuse to debate alongside the other party leaders. Am I the only one who feels this not only shows weakness but worries me to how she’ll handle all 27 EU members? Am I missing something? Please, tell me I am. According to her Corbyn is ‘weak’, so why not stand in a room and debate him? He may not be worth the time of day (in your eyes) but as voters, we definitely should be.

It looks like I was wrong, a lot of us may have been wrong, and nearly everyone underestimated Corbyn.

Let’s put down this shock U-turn to a combination of Corbyn’s ‘ordinary person-persona’, everyone’s desperate need for change and May’s cowardice – or is it complacency? Either way, it’s not good.

It’s twenty years on from the last Labour government, I’m not voting Labour. I’m voting Corbyn’s Labour.

Yes, May’s weaknesses have helped him a lot. A lot. However, his strengths are solid. Instead of following May’s campaign route of using ‘Brexit’ as her word of the month and forgetting most other words in the dictionary, Corbyn has talked about what the people want to hear: local A&E’s, schools and students.

Image result for theresa may
Theresa May cartoon.

Corbyn’s U-turn hasn’t made him perfect, nobody is. As May’s lead begins to evaporate it’s clear that Corbyn’s personality (and message) is appealing to far more demographics than people first anticipated.



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