Pesky-Period-Pimples go Pop!

Some women suffer something a little extra during their period. PMS-Acne. Yes, it’s actually a thing. You’re not just really unfortunate that a flare up happens before every single period, no. It’s actually mother nature. 


During your menstrual cycle your skin goes through two major hormonal shifts.

  1. Stage One – Follicular
  2. Luteal Period and Post Menstrual.

Quick little science lesson – skin the largest organ of the body and acne is a big slap in the face indication that detoxifying isn’t going quite so well.

Underlying factors include nutritional deficiencies, hypoglycemia, stressed adrenals, food allergies and environmental toxins. Though these skin infections are caused by bacteria, they indicate a toxic overload in this, the body’s largest detoxification organ.

A couple of months ago this little flare up caused me a liquid other than period blood – tears.

Science out of the way and here’s something that isn’t quite so new – hormonal changes during and before your period can really mess with your skin cycle.

As women our bodies go through a major hormonal shift every seven years, but periods occur once a bloody month and every single time they are a little different. This means our skin reacts differently every single month.

Menstrual Cycle Acne:

So, a normal menstrual cycle is usually four weeks long – aka the painters visit once a month. The ‘peak’ of oestrogen release is normally around fourteen days after a period has ended. When these levels go back down the progesterone levels increase again, this can cause a massive change in the oil glands. Meaning, more sebum – the thick oily substance which causes acne. Hello pimples, black heads, yellow heads, hello hell and low self esteem. 



As a girl who has always suffered from acne, periods are the worst time of every month for me. Not the periods, but the acne flareup the week before.

So, acne caused by this normally happens within the week leading up to a woman’s period. It’s both a nice little warning sign of whats to come and a prolonged sense of hell.

Spots are just the sprinkling on top of a very shitty period cup cake.


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