You cannot take a holiday from racism

By Charlie Wainwright.

A family who moved here for a better life had their holiday coloured with race hate last summer.

Rajdeep Jheeta (20), from Leeds, and her family are Sikh and were enjoying a meal out while holidaying in Malaga, Spain.

Rajdeep describes: “We were in the public reception of the hotel and some locals entered the area.

They came and sat opposite us, making a point to stare at my family and make us feel uncomfortable.”

“It started with staring but then they began to mumble aggressive racism comments and one even did a Nazi salute towards my family.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the family have experienced race hate.

Rajdeep’s parents Kamal (53) and Darshan (54) both travelled to the UK in the 60’s after their families decided that they had a better chance of a good life in England.

Rajdeep said: “Racism isn’t a topic we discuss at home because we don’t suffer like my parents used to when they first came over. My mother left Kenya because of the politics and how females were treated. I know it could be a lot worse so I just deal with it.”

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