Horsforth’s opinion on ‘taking the leap’


Every four years on the 29th of February women everywhere take the opportunity to get down on one knee – and this wasn’t far from the minds  of the residents of Horsforth today!
Scientifically the day is added to the calendar every four years as a corrective measure but love birds view the day more simply, a day whereby a woman proposing to a man is tradition.

On Twitter a small survey reached the verdict that 61% of people are impartial to the day claiming that proposing is down to ‘Whatever best suits the couple’. However, 13% voted that they find it ‘Cringey’.





Tracy Perrier, aged 50, from Garforth works full time at Harriet’s Shop in Horsforth. She is all for the tradition.

The newly wed proposed to her husband of four weeks after bei

Newly wed Tracy Perrier

ng with him for two years – however, she did not wait until leap year to pop the question. ‘I actually agree with it (women proposing on this day), I proposed to my husband – it wasn’t even a leap year! I didn’t want to wait until leap year.’


Mrs Perrier used a Thornton’s box of chocolates which she had written her message with the chocolates spelling ‘Will You Marry Me?’. She also included a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ chocolate for him to choose from! ‘It was on his birthday, we had gone away to a spa. He said yes! We were together two years before I proposed and we got married four weeks ago.’



Alison Lawton owns The Flower Shop Leeds

Alison Lawton, aged 52 years old, shares the same view. Miss Lawton owns The Flower Shop Leeds on Horsforth high street though she currently resides in Meanwood. Miss Lawson even reported an influx of flower sales around this time of year ‘January/February people tend to come and inquire about weddings, whether they have got engaged at Christmas or New Year. So, we do get quite a few people coming earlier in the year.’.



Miss Lawson has been with her long term boyfriend for six years and admitted there was ‘a possibility (she would consider proposing on this day), but not today’.

Eleanor, 19

The younger generation also felt the same, nineteen year old Eleanor  from Adel who works for Ruby’s Fruit and Veg Shop has no current boyfriend but also agreed that she would consider proposing on a leap year in the future but added that she didn’t know if ‘the fact you can only do it (on this day) would stop me.’.



From a male perspective Christopher Cole aged 41 years old, who owns the bike shop Holy Spokes in Horsforth has been married twice. He currently lives in Rodley with his girlfriend of two years and two months after proposing to her over Christmas in front of her family and friends.

Christopher Cole, 41

He lives in Rodley, second time married, married two years and two months, proposed at Christmas in front of her entire family.
He addressed the stigma behind women proposing  ‘Why not? Why shouldn’t a woman be able to ask a man – and why should she have to wait until leap year?’









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